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Hello Kitty Invites

So, the theme for my child's 2nd birthday, last month, was Hello Kitty. She is obsessed with that character. She says, "elwo tittie" anytime she sees one. Hilarious. I tried to save some money (not time) by making the invitations and party favors. I ended up not even finishing the favors. Time isn't always on my side. Creativity, yes. 

I couldn't find any cute Hello Kitty invites, so I came up with my own. I used one of Adrienne's coloring books as a stencil. I used card stock as the body and cut out Kitty's clothes/bow using scrapbook paper. I used a black Sharpie to outline the body shape. Then I glued her outfit down with stick glue.

 I cut out balloons from the scrapbook paper. I glued string from the balloon to her paw. Gosh, I'm glad I am done with that. They turned out super cute, though.


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    1. Thank you!! I just checked out your blog! I'm digging it!!

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