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Things You May or May Not Know

I dig coffee. I'm one of "those" parents.
I will become a distinguished designer, writer, photographer, and stylist. No particular order.
I splurge on handbags.
I have awesome Nightmares On Wax.
I crave nimiety, in pretty much everything I do. 
I've eaten alligator beef jerky and didn't like it.
Being a slugabed is not one of my best assets.
I drive a hybrid SUV. That is my green contribution.
I buy my child toys that I want to play with.
Music makes my aura turn to a nice shade of tangerine. I don't know why.
Dancing is my favorite form of expression, and I do it in abundance.
I sucked my thumb until age eleven.
I am addicted to chapstick, lipgloss, sunglasses, turntables, and dictionary.com.
My closet is overflowing and gets mad at me pretty often.
I am in dyer need of more picture frames. I will take donations.
One of my fears is getting my pinkie toe snapped off.
Goodwill is like a treasure hunt for me. I find awesome duds there.
I am a complete hoarder. 
Art makes me lose any concept of time and music is my canvas.
I miss my mother with all my heart.
I love reality TV. No, really, I do.
I am serious about this blogging thing.
I DO eat Lemon Jelly.
I miss my out of town friends, I want you guys here, now.
I get entralled by facebook. I'm an advid stalker.
Meditation and thinking positively usually gets me where I want to go.
I am obsessed with my family. I am so glad our souls have entwined.

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