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Eye Candy

I really need a sewing machine. Well, I do have my mother's old one in storage. It is a huge Singer that's so loud. I used to hide when Mom would use it. I should dig it out and see if I can brave the sound. 

William's mom, Carol, is an excellent crocheter. That's something else I'd love to learn. I've heard that it's so relaxing. She has made our little fashion queen so many things. From her first baby blanket, to hats, to even a pint sized Santa purse. Love. Check out her Etsy shop or her Head Candy Facebook page. Adrienne's Mimi is one talented woman. 

I almost wish we had another little baby to put that Valentine's hat and diaper cover on. Almost.

Above: Adrienne with her new poncho and beanie and my new scarf!

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