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Bloggers I Stalk

Dear Lillie- This is one of my most favorite blogs to peek into. Jennifer Holmes, who blogs about her decor and her store, looks like she lives her life from inside a magazine page. Their home is just beautiful, with everything placed perfectly. She also has two little girls who are just gorgeous. Jennifer takes exquisite photos, which also makes me jealous. This is a full package.

Ramshackle Glam- One of my best friends made me go to this site, because of the similarities between myself and the writer of this blog, Jordan. She is married to a musician, loves do it yourselfing, travel, cooking, fashion, and has a new baby. Plus, she does little videos of her life, and I have completely fallen in love with this family. They are so real and so darn cute.

Love Maegan- Another good friend of mine told me to go to this website. After reading a few posts of her blog, I knew I wanted to become a blogger. It was my calling. I feel like Maegan is my blogger inspiration. She has an awesome sense of fashion and has made blogging a profession. 

House of Turquoise- I just found this blog. It revolves around, yup, you guessed it, colors that are of the blue-green hue. I have always loved that color. It is just really calming. Zen-like. The photos on this blog are beautiful. It makes me want to seriously redecorate my house. On the reg.

Recaptured Charm- Another blog that makes me want to redecorate on a daily basis is this one. The brains behind the blog is a woman who finds old pieces of junky furniture and turns them into shabby chic pieces of art. If I had a garage that I could turn into a workshop, I would be out there sanding away furniture I scavenged. Scary thought. No, TLC, I don't want to be on your hoarding show.

Gal Meets Glam- This is my go to fashion blog. Julie's wardrobe is so fresh and fun. She puts together amazing looks. This blog doesn't help my shopping addiction. At. all.

There you have it. These are my favorite bloggers that I stalk pretty much every day. I hope these guys will make your eyes happy with their blogs, too.

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