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Christmas Love

 I am finally putting some pictures up from over the Christmas holidays. It is so hard to pick and choose. 
We took our little fashion queen to go see the Christmas parade downtown. It was one of the coldest nights we've had this winter. She had on two layers of clothes and that huge fur coat. She could barely move. A total Christmas Story moment.

 She loved the marching bands. If it has anything to do with music, she's game. We also had two new visitors this year. Elfie and Peppermint. The whole Elf On The Shelf craze got a little out of hand, but I like the concept. Plus, the little movie about it had my child enthralled. I think it's the first movie she wanted to watch ten times in a row. At least it was only thirty minutes long.

She wasn't too fond of Old Saint Nick this year.. Or maybe it's the camera she doesn't like anymore. This is the face she usually gives me. Straight deer in headlights. 

Opening presents on Christmas Eve. We went ahead and tried it this year my way. Open presents from us on Christmas Eve, and Santa presents on Christmas Day. It just makes sense. 

 Our tree, our newest ornie, and a snowman that Adrienne fell in love with.

Christmas Eve finger foods before driving around to look at lights. Hot chocolate for the ride? Check.

Getting shots for the Christmas cards. These pictures obvs aren't in chronological order. I tried.

Christmas steak dinner with the fam. My favorite time.

Opening more gifts. Uncle "Buh" and Aunt "May" got her a mini drum-set! And the Rody Pony our friends gave to her! She was so excited about it.


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