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Think Pink

Back from my much needed vaca. "Back life, back to reality." I bump a lil Soul II Soul on occasion. So, what? 

New Year's Eve was phenom. We rang in 2o12 with so many close friends and family. This will be an amazing year. I just can feel it. Even though it might be our last. Eh. Nice job Mayans. Way to be a tribe of Debbie Downs. 

Since we might only have 12 months left to eat delicious foods, we should just start now. I made these pink brownies for my little fashion queen's birthday last month. Yum. The strawberry flavor was a nice change from the usual chocolate. It was super easy to whip them up the morning before the party. Ba, da, ba, ba, ba, I'm lovin' it.

|| ingredients ||
1 box Strawberry Cake Mix
2 Eggs
1/3 cup Vegetable Oil
Powdered Sugar

-Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 9x13 baking dish.

-Stir together cake mix, eggs, and oil into a bowl. Batter will be very thick. Mix well and press onto the bottom of the dish.

-Bake for 14 minutes. Let the pinkies cool completely. Run hot water over a sharp knife to slice the pinkies easily. Dust with powdered sugar. The same recipe could be used for making Lemon Pinkies by substituting lemon cake mix.


  1. hey, i'm a new follower. i saw your link from kelsey's facebook. i babysit for her sometimes. anyway! i've enjoyed your posts so far. these look super yummy!

    1. Thank you Laura!! Her kids are so darn adorable. I wish we lived closer to them! Thank you for checking out my site. I am enjoying blogging. Oh, and boy are those pinkies yummy. And easy! Win, win!!

  2. these were my fave thing at cupcake's bday shindig!!! i ate 4 of them. thanks for sharing the recipe!! delish.

    1. I was wondering who was the pinkie eating culprit. Miss you. Come see your niece.


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