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NYE Disco Animals

I feel like I am still in vaca mode. I guess I technically am. New Year's Eve night is tomorrow. We are traveling to Memphis for Zoogma's Zoo Year's Eve party. It gets pretty rowdy. A musical stampede of sweaty people in animal costumes. Fun times. The thought of cleaning up and packing right now gives me a serious case of the "yawns." I've diagnosed myself. I just don't feel motivated to shake off my lazies. 

Anydoubleshotofexpresso, I have always been obsessed with the 197o's fashion. From the bohemian glamour to the glittered out Studio 54 nights, it just appeals to me. 

197o's Swimwear

Farrah Fawcett

Sophia Loren

Bridgitte Bardot in Spain, 1971

Debbie Harry

Harper's Bazaar Italia September 1978

 Marie Helvin and Jerry Hall in Burberry

Rod Stewart in all his glory 


  1. That picture of Rod Stewart woke me right up from my keeping-vampire-hours haze. Satin mint-green trousers = an eye-opener. Look at him with his gold chains too. Yeeooow.

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