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Don't Eat My Tree

It's Christmas craft time! I have about a gazillion cupcake liners from my child's birthday bash last year. I glued them onto Styrofoam balls and hung from the ceiling for the party. That's another blog post for another day. But, back on track. So, I have all these cupcake liners and wanted to do something crafty dealing with Christmas. I found the solution! Cupcake liner Christmas trees it is!!

Cupcake Liner Trees
|| supplies ||
Cupcake liners
Tape or a Glue Stick. Seriously. That's it.

I made a cone out of some cardstock and taped the sides up. I then trimmed down the cone so it could stand up straight. I cut the centers out of my cupcake liners. I also cut them down the side so they weren't full circles anymore.

The first tree I did, I used a glue stick and glued the liner ruffles together in the back. The second one I used tape. The tape is a tad quicker but doesn't look near as good. I started at the middle of my cone because I didn't want huge ones. If you do, you might need to use multiple ruffles for the first couple layers of the tree. Finish all the way to the top. The top liner is cone shaped.

Easy. Breezy. And I like how they aren't perfectly perpendicular. Gives them a whimsical feel.

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