Toy Ghosts

The other night, I somehow started thinking about some of the old toys I used to have. After digging around the net, I had some serious nostalgia when finding a ton of them. This is the first batch. Do you remember these things? Child of the 80's/90's right here. 

Bouncin' Babies were produced by Galoob in 1989-90

 Cherry Merry Muffin dolls were produced in 1988-90 by Mattel

 Chubbles were produced by Animal Fair in 1984-85

 Chutes and Ladders, Milton Bradley 1980's version

Cupcakes were produced by Tonka in 1990 then by Kenner from 1991-93 

 Lady Lovely Locks was produced by Mattel from 1987-89

I enjoyed each one of these artifacts. Do you have any long lost toys lurking around in your memory box? I do. I am just fine with it. I will relive my childhood anyway I can.


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