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Cupcakes For Lyfe

My little fashion queen's first birthday was cupcake themed. As I was searching for anything and everything cupcake related, I came across a little DIY Christmas ornament. Obviously, they were cupcakes. So, I made these for the party favors.

Tadaa! Now, I did this all last year and didn't take photos of the process. I just can't justify getting into my craft closet and dragging all the supplies out, just to have a trail of snowflake confetti to vacuum up. Besides, it's late. I'm being a total Debbie Downs. I realize this. It is super easy and fun to make, though.

Cupcake Ornaments 
2.5" Styrofoam Balls
Cupcake Liners
Artificial Snowflakes
Floral Berry Sprigs
White Craft Glue
Twine or Ribbon
Paint Brush
Hot Glue
Paper Plates

-Pour some glue onto a paper plate. Pour the snowflakes on another plate. Using your brush, coat the top half of a Styrofoam ball with glue. Immediately dip it in the snowflakes to cover the glue. Let the top halves of the balls dry.

-After drying, run glue from the gun around the inside rim of a cupcake liner. Put the ball inside, snowflake side up, and gently press the cupcake liner around the base. Be careful because it will be hot. Let dry.

-Cut a berry sprig leaving the stem intact. Cut about a 4" long piece of twine. Dab hot glue onto the top of the cupcake and stick the twine ends into it by making a loop to hang. Push the berry on top of the twine and glue.

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  1. Booo. My absence from the blogosphere means I found this post too late. Not that I had a tree, since we were moving, but still, these would have made super cute presents for my coworkers!

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