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DIY Lace Crown

Since Halloween has basically snuck up on me, I thought I'd share a super easy crown to make for your little Royal. This gem is the perfect finishing touch to any fairy, ballerina, or princess costume. Or even just to play dress up. It's also perfect to use for a birthday crown. You know how I like the simple, but gorgeous DIY's, and this is mos def one of 'em.

|| supplies ||
Lace (13-15")
Mod Podge
Paint (any color for the crown)
Wax Paper
Glue Gun or Super Glue
Glitter (optional)

I luckily have a huge box of lace and ribbon (thanks Mom) and picked this pattern out. I love the pointed ends. It's perfect crown material. After cutting your lace to the desired size (I made a small circumference one), lay flat on wax paper.

Start painting your lace. I used a grey paint on one crown and a gold on another. Paint one side, then when dry, flip over and paint the other side. To speed up this process, I used a hair dryer. I did two coats of paint on each side.

After you are done painting, lay the lace on a new sheet of wax paper. The lace should already be getting thicker and more sturdy.

Cover one side of the crown with mod podge. Let dry (with a hair dryer) and flip over to cover the back side. Let that side dry. Repeat the process about three more times.

 After the last coat of mod podge, I sprinkled a generous amount of fine glitter before I dried it for the final time.

Let the crown dry, and glue the ends together. Let sit for about 24 hours to achieve the maximum stiffness. And you are done.

Use bobby pins to pin to your little princess's head. Easy peasy. Now trying to get her to pose for a picture? That's the hard part.

I got this idea from Dear Lillie. You can find her post HERE.

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