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Okay. So this weekend was pretty phresh. We celebrated my blog's one year birthday on Friday with champagne, our football homecoming parade, and Chinese for dinner. It was the perfect family fun night. And that's just what I needed. Saturday we grilled out with our good frands, brought the flat screen outside, and watched football while the kiddos played in the beautiful weather. That, my friends, is what we call gangster. This family fun meter is at the maximum. ::finger guns:: pshew pshew.

Since I had a fabulous weekend and don't want to rub it in your beautiful little faces anymore, I have the perfect solution- a BRAND NEW GIVEAWAY!! CLOSED

I AM MARYANN sent me this absolutely gorgeous sterling silver necklace that simply states, "I am loved." Perf. I feel so much love from my family, friends, and YOU guys on a reg basis that I just had to share the wealth.

How gorge is that necklace? I will definitely treasure this little gem forevers. Well until I pass it down to Adrienne. I do think this is one of those passer downers. Like high-school graduation or something? Ugh. HIGH-SCHOOL GRADUATION? I can't even.

I AM MARYANN is teaming up with Coffee and Cashmere to give my readers a chance to win a sterling silver necklace, with your choice of personal mantra! Just log into the Rafflecopter below (or make a new Rafflecopter account), and follow the directions for each entry. CLOSED

Please make sure to actually do what's required for each entry. If you just click enter and not do what it's asking, I'll know. If you are unsure how to do one, skip it and contact me. DON'T CHEAT. CLOSED

The giveaway ends Monday, October 22th, 2o12. One winner will receive an engraved sterling silver necklace (worth $95) of their choice from I AM MARYANNCLOSED

A big thanks to I AM MARYANN for such beautiful, wearable art. 

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  1. Rebecca Lane FischerOctober 15, 2012 at 1:15 PM

    This would be a great new mother gift for Morgan or a birthday gift for Molly Kate! Fingers crossed!!

    Big screen football action in the yard sounds fun!


  3. This could be a very special gift to give! lovely giveaway :)

  4. Love, Love, Love this necklace!

  5. sweet gift for special someone.. live love and love.. <3


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