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DIY Webbies

The start of October always brings me into the holiday season. The air is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, and the decorations are being brought out by William, who's usually grumping the whole time he's having to dig in the storage closets. He does it because he loves me. Or hates me, and he's trying to find room to hide my dead body somewhere. ::side eye::

It's time for some Halloweenie decs!! "Pumken patches" (as my child so lovingly calls pumpkins), rats, ghosts, "bitsy pider pouts" (spiders, my child can't help her cuteness), and witches. It's all happening. 

First DIY of the fall season are glitter spiderwebs. They are super easy to whip up, and very kiddo friendly. These little guys are great under candles on tables. All I'm missing is a tiny creature to call this web a home. So, grab some more coffee, muster up some creativity, maybe find a fun sized human, and let's get crafty with it.

DIY Webs
|| supplies ||
Elmer's Glue (refrigerate if it's super runny)
Wax Paper

- Lay out wax paper on table. If wanting bigger webs, tape two sheets of wax paper together.

- Start drawing your web with glue by making an asterisk first. Then make circles around the asterisk, starting at the middle, connecting each asterisk spoke. 

- Shake glitter over the web. Let dry for a day or so. 

- Gently pull off the web from the wax paper. Shake off excess glitter, and you are done. 

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