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Happy Birthday tah Coffee and Cashmere!!

Happy Birthday to my dear little bloggie. I can't believe it. A whole flippin' year has gone by. What tha whattt?! I started Coffee and Cashmere last October. I wanted a platform to express my life, my loves, my ideas. And guess what? I did it. I could never have imagined all the wonderful readers, the amazing businesses, and the gorgeous frands I've encountered along the way.

I don't want to get all mush face and sentimental on you guys, but it's how I do. I can't even begin to express how important it is to follow your dreams. Achieve your goals. If you really want something, make it happen. Mold your future. No one else can do so. Make it bright. Make it full of love. Make that money, money.

Always think positively. And always help people out during your journey of life. But, what do I know anyhow? I'm  just  a blogger.

Okay, my lovies, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my (unbirth)day. I'm going to relax before a good dinner tonight. Because, hey, I deserve that ish. And maybe a substantial amount of wine. Partyin', partyin', yeah. Hey-oh.

Don't forget to enter my newest contest! I've teamed up with NatureBox to offer one winner a box of healthy snacks! Enter HERE! The contest ends Monday 15th, 2o12. Good luck! Another fab giveaway scheduled for MONDAY. Don't miss out.

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  1. Congrats on making it a whole year! Wish you luck in many more and everything else that you do! :)


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