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Crayons and Zombies

Today is one of those mornings where I wake up and there's coffee all over the counter from the coffee pot.

::blank stare::

I guess I didn't push in the pot far enough, so it dripped a whole day's worth of black goodness all over the place.

Today is one of those mornings where I just want to tell Adrienne to get up off me. No seriously. Get up off me. For five minutes. Okay. Three. Just, please, three full minutes.

It's also one of those mornings where I can't get this creepy dream I had last night out of my head. I was preggers. With another baby girl. BY A ZOMBIE. I know. Is that possible?! I got myself out of that dream (nightmare?) before I knew all the deets. Watching The Walking Dead before bed got me.

And this morning/today is one where I have so much cleaning to do and I'm just sitting on my arse. Blogging. I've also put together every last single food combo I possibly could to make a meal for the past week. I need to go grocery shopping. I need to go grocery shopping. I have to get mentally prepared. And lunch? I have no idea.

Anymypointbeingthismorningiswack, a few weeks ago Adrienne and I melted down her broken crayon bits into big circle shaped crayons. And if you want the know how, well, here we go.

Start by taking all the paper off the crayons (I gave that part to Adrienne), and break the pieces into smaller pieces.

Preheat the oven to 275 degrees. I have one of those rubbery muffin tins, so I sprayed that with veggie spray, and we put all the different shades of greens into one spot, all the yellows into another, and so on. You could also mix the colors up if you're adventurous.

Put in the oven for about six minutes. Start checking after that. It may take a few more minutes to melt all the way down. Let me warn you, these crayons stink the oven and kitchen up. I don't know if it was because they were cheap crayons or what. But it was terrible.

Once all the way melted, take out of the oven. You can stir the melted crayons with a toothpick for a swirly look or just leave layered. Let cool completely before popping them out. And there you go. Big circle crayons for mos def NOT staying in any kind of coloring book lines. Scribbling the mess out of a blank sheet of paper? These guys have you covered.

I also wanted to show off my  Good  Greatwill find. I didn't take a before pic, but this wooden box was bright red with an old country and western scene painted on, with a price tag of one dollar. HEY-OH. I really hated to see all the hard work that was put into painting it, even the words, "Bless this country town," being painted over, but I had to. So, I slapped on a coat of cream paint and sanded the edges. I then mixed some brown acrylic paint with water. I brushed a coat of that on each side, and wiped it off with a paper towel. Just to give it that shabby chic look.

No more plastic eyesore of a crayon box on the coffee table. Now, a perfect new crayon holder.

That's it for me today. Have a good weekend guys.

ps- Sorry for some of the photos up there that look like ish. My camera and the lighting in my house just aren't on my side all the time.

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