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Hullabalu and Baby Jabwar

My child's crib is basically a stuffed animal cage. She has her most prized buddies in there and cannot close her eyes without them all snuggled next to her. She has Pup Pup, Kit Kit, Neigh Neigh, Light Light, Brobee, Baby Huggums, and Bitty Baby. If I put a rando toy in her crib, she freaks her freak. Only those named are the privileged ones.

Well now there's a newcomer. He goes by the name Baby Jabwar (because "jabwar" is the way my two year old pronounces jaguar, and I'll forever call them by that name). This amazing online toy company called Hullabalu, let my child have her pick from about 25 different stuffed animals on their website. We went through all the animals about ten times, and Adrienne picked out "Baby Jabwar" each go 'round. She is obsessed with Go Diego Go, and loves the jaguar on the show. So, natch she wanted her own, even though in actuality, Baby Jabwar is a baby tiger. I just didn't have the heart to tell her the truth.

We told her the UPS man was going to bring her a baby jabwar. Anytime there was a knock at the door my child started screaming, "DSma'am is here!! My Baby Jabwar!!" Finally her little dreams came true. The "DSma'am" left a light blue box at our doorstep.

Hullabalu is super brand new. They offer great hand picked stuffed animals and awesome storylines for each character. One little stuffed fox, named Tipple Glamwheel, had in his description that he "Doesn't understand Skrillex lyrics." I was immediately won over. I don't get dubstep at all, period. I guess I'm just too old and that's what happens when you get too old. Meh.

Hullabalu's site is invitation only like Gilt or My Habit. You basically have to be a cool kid. If you want to be popular and shop for a lovable stuffed animal for your kiddo when they open their site's doors on October 1st, you've come to the right place. I'm giving you guys your own invitation! Go HERE to get your pass. Even if you don't have kids, you still need to check out these stuffed animals. The website itself is pretty stellar.

Here are the photos I snapped of Adrienne opening up Baby Jabwar.

The whole internet just crashed from that cuteness overload, and it's entirely Hullabalu's fault.

Needless to say, Baby Jabwar resides in my child's crib every night. He is a wonderful companion and is snuggly and so very soft. He has weighted feet, so when it's tea party time, Baby Jabwar sits alert in the chair ready for his crumpets. Or whatever is on the menu during a tea party.

Don't forget to go HERE to get your invite. I just want to thank Hullabalu for gifting my child with a stuffed animal that'll be a life long companion. One that she will take to college and one that she will pass on to her first child. ::tear:: Thanks for that.

Post Script- Here are four of the mentioned seven friends my child sleeps with every night, just in case you wanted to know. Pup pup is a stuffed dog my dad gave Adrienne when she was a baby, and Neigh Neigh is a Pottery Barn Kids stuffed horse.

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