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Bubbles and Stuffs

When it comes to bath time, my kiddo never opposes. I run her water and pour in her bubbles. I help the princess in the tub and she demands, "Let me pway a minute MOM!" Okay. Sheesh. Oh, and who the heck is this Mom person? Cause I sure don't know.

She also thinks she's a princess fairy on the reg. She wears the wings, the crown, holds her wand, yelling about "magic, magic, magic, Christmas." I don't know. She is two.

Anyhoo, last week, this amazing company, Buy Provence, sent Adrienne a bath set to try out. The bottles have a pink fairy princess on the front. So, natch, she freaked her freak. We received the Princess Moisturizer, the Princess Body Wash, some Organic Moisturizing Face Creme, and the Organic Dermo Cleasning Hair & Body Wash all from Alpanova.

Buy Provence carries Alpanova products that are made in Provence, France. I love that all their products are organic and eco-friendly. They are also all Hypoallergenic, Paraben free, and Coloring Agent free. All natural is the way to go.

My child loved the bubbles that the Princess Body Wash made. I loved how gentle the body wash was. But Adrienne ended up hearting the lotion the best. She has started sneaking my lotion here and there, so she thinks she's a big girl now with her own bottle of the stuff. The princess lotion even has organic strawberry extracts. It has a very light fruity scent, which isn't overpowering. It's perfect for a little girl of royalty.

All items c/o of Buy Provence. A big thanks to those guys for pampering my little princess.

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