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Mom Problems and A Winner

Stopping in real quick like and sharing some photos of my kiddo trying to help me with the groceries. I won't be around these parts tomorrow. I'm having a yard sale. Gonna try my hardest to hustle some old junk.

I love the progression of these pictures. The proof that she's getting more and more independent as the days go by. She can carry a bag of oranges. What's next? Her telling me she doesn't need to sleep with her pink bankit? I'm clutching my imaginary pearls and weeping from the thought of that.

My little helper. I almost feel naked if I don't have her by my side. She is my partner in crime. She's my shadow. Where I go, she goes. I love that feeling. That feeling of a tiny sized human needing me. And I need her. More than she could ever imagine. I know one day that will change. She won't want to tag along with me on the reg. She will be too busy or too cool to go pick up some laundry detergent with her mom. I'll have to go by myself. And on that drive there, with no toddler in a car seat behind me, I'll want to rewind back to these moments. 

A big congrats to Kayla for winning the Tulle & Twig giveaway! I will be contacting you later in the day! Don't forget to enter to win some jewelry from Ball and Chain! Enter HERE!

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  1. Both you AND Adrienne will be so thankful for all of these photos when she is older!

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