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This past Thanksgiving was lovely as ever. We spent it with my dad, in my hometown. Adrienne absolutely loves it there. What kid wouldn't? She can get away with eating ice cream at eleven o'clock at night, popcorn for breakfast, rides four-wheelers and gets to drive combine harvesters, picks fresh pears and pecans 'til the cows come home, gets horse-riding lessons from her cousin, receives whatever toy her little heart desires, and gets all the attention she craves. Phew. Now Mommy, on the other hand, gets to have a spoiled child who won't listen for ish when we get back home. Trying to get her in a routine again? That takes weeks. I mean, who could blame her? I wouldn't want to come home to the real world either.

Here are some snippets of our trip. The photos are mostly of food and my adorable tiny sized human. Natch.

We had a wonderful time visiting with family. I hate living so far away from them. Meh. Adrienne wore a Gap Kids dress and an Old Navy yellow cardigan. Her black glitter shoes are Faded Glory and her black sweater is from The Children's Place. She also wore Old Navy jeans and boots. Her Huffy 12-Inch Girls Disney Princess Bike (Shimmer Pink/Glitter Pink) was a surprise from her Pappy.


  1. Looks like a wonderful day... and now I'm hungry looking at all the delicious food! :)

    1. It totes was. I reminds me of your farm life. Where you can pick fresh veggies out of your garden. I can do that at my dad's. I want that world.


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