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3rd Birthday Invites? What?!

Adrienne is about to be three. THREE. Hold the phone and shut the front door. Where has my little roly poly baby gone? The one that couldn't talk or walk and pooped in her diaper? Well, that baby fat fat is no where to be found. She's turned into a slender sized, more grown up version with actual demands besides milk. And she vocalizes them. On the reg.

Like how my kiddo was dead set on a Strawberry Shortcake party months ago. I'm not really a big fan of character parties. So, I'm trying to make this bash up to her par, but just not over do it with the little red-headed strawberry smelling girl.

Her invites where made by the brilliant Blissfully Noted. These cards came in and were even more beautiful than I had expected. They are super thick and sturdy, plus Strawberry Shortcake isn't the first thing you see. One of my silly girlfrands even said she smelled the card because she was sure it was berry scented. That's how amazing these invites are.

The packaging the invites came in was equally wonderful. Blue chevrons with green striped string and pink tissue paper? Yes. Please. I love a good presentation.

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Invitations c/o Blissfully Noted. These are by far my favorite invites we've ever had.

Oh and I obviously photo-shopped out my addy on the inside of the card and the return sticker pictured above. Can't have any wackadoos showing up at my door. 


  1. Oh my gosh how sweeeeet they are!! I agree with you on the character themes but it is just going to get harder and harder as she gets older to convince her otherwise! My little one's first is coming up and I just wish I could have a big blowout party but...our families are scattered across the continent and we don't know enough "children" here so...no invites, just cake and pictures! And lots of gifts to make up for what she doesn't even realize she's missing, of course.

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