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Holiday Traveling with Kia

I've teamed up with Kia Motors this Friday afternoon to spread some holiday travel cheer. I don't know about you guys, but the holidays always equal being in a vehicle for an allotted amount of time. Whether going to see William's family or my family, or going to the beach (hint hint), we have to drive to make it happen. We live close to NOTHING. Meh.

It's one thing going on road trips with your spouse or a close frand, but throw a two year old in the mix, and it's not easy breezy beautiful anymore. Do I put my potty trained kiddo in a diaper? Yea. Makes more sense than stopping every hour. What? You have to go the bathroom? You have a diaper on. That's what they are for. To use the bathroom in. What?! Okay. Ugh. We are pulling over. So my child won't dirty up her diaper on road trips anymore. I should be happy. But in that instant, I'm fresh out of effs to give.

If the whole bathroom ordeal isn't bad enough, we are usually riding with a broken record slash backseat two year old driver. She orders us to go as soon as the light turns from red to green. Or yells stop twenty times whenever we are stopped. Then she continues on to demand Adele from her royal car-seat perch. We put Adele in to have a few minutes of peace and quiet.

When times get really tough, I feed the little monster or give her a electronic device. I always have a stash of trip snacks on hand. Cheerios, nuts, chips, and granola bars usually work to save my sanity. After my kid has foody fingers, she usually wants to play with her iPhone and kiddie iPad. Natch. Those two things are pretty much life savers on a trip. The dying of batteries is the only concern. But don't you worry about us, we have a power inverter just for charging emergencies.

By the middle of our trips, Martin (our navigation) is usually spitting out wrong directions or saying that William is over the speed limit. William gets frustrated and that's my cue to Google map it. I end up forgetting about my job of newly appointed navigator and we miss another exit. William is ticked. Adrienne is singing "Old Micksdonald had a barm" over and over, and I'm ready to be out of our car. And into a liquor store.

And that's usually how our road trips go. Since I've given you absolutely nothing to gaze at in this post, please accept these two Jabbawockeez videos as a consolation prize. They are pretty non related to family road trips, but they're partnered with Kia. Solidarity. #kiaholiday

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Kia Motors

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Kia Motors

Do you have any holiday travel experiences that you'd  like to share?

This post has been sponsored by Kia.

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