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Designers at Target TODAY

Today marks the start of the Christmas month AND a brand new collection from 24 amazing designers at Target. God bless America. Here are a handful of the items I don't need at all.

Derek Lam for Target Slippers, $49.99. Um. I don't know if these are for the house exculisvely or what, but I'd have to wear these babies to grocery shop. Wearing slippers to the store never looked so good.

Diane von Furstenberg for Target Yoga Mat, $49.99. For the yogi. Too bad this isn't for the Wii fit. That's the only yoga I do once yearly.

Eddie Borgo for Target Letter Opener, $34.99. If you find it necessary to spend 35 dollars on a letter opener, you must actually enjoy opening your bills.

Rag & Bone for Target Flask, $29.99. Being a lush always looks better with a designer logo on your flask..

Skaist-Taylor for Target Kid's Hat, $39.99. A much cheaper Spirit Hood for kids. I approve.

Marc Jacobs for Target Pouch, $69.99 each. Pretty, but I can get some Estee Lauder blush, lipstick, AND a free gift set that includes a makeup bag that gets stored for all eternity underneath the bathroom sink for the same price!!

Tory Burch for Target Lunch Box, $19.99. For that kid (or adult) that still carries her lunch. Is that cool now-a-days? Well, if you have a Tory Burch lunchbox it is!

Marchesa for Target Girl's Beaded Dress, $99.99. Gorgeous! And why isn't this in a size 27t or 27x for me?

Oscar de la Renta for Target Pet Bowl, $29.99. For the pet that needs to drink out of designer, but trying to aim to the upper middle class consumer, pet bowls. Natch.

Rodarte for Target Wrapping Paper, $7.99. I'd never spend that much on wrapping paper. Expect my gifts to be wrapped in the funnies from the newspaper. 

Band of Outsiders for Target Cookie Cutters, $29.99. Meh. If I wanted to impress folks at a hipster party, I might bring a batch of cookies made with these. Loafer shaped cooks? Oh! You shouldn't have!

Thom Browne for Target Men's Blazer, $149.99. Super phresh. With a tad bit of annoying.

Brian Atwood for Target Sunglasses, $39.99. Almost Famous chic.

Alice and Olivia for Target Bike, $499.99. Love this thing. But not the price tag. Are all nice bikes this expensive? I need to get out more.

Tracy Reese for Target Dessert Plates, $39.99 (set of 4). I'd mos def put these on the wall. No sense in having them tucked away in the cabinet. These scream for the limelight. Or a nice piece of chocolate cake. Either or.

Jason Wu for Target Ornaments, $49.99 (set of 3). I know it's Jason Wu and all, but since when does he make Christmas ornaments? And at fifty dollars for a pack of three? I don't know about you guys, but I'm lucky if I only have four or five balls break each holiday season. Um. So. No.

All in all, I'm pretty let down with this designer collection at Target. Last year when Missoni launched their collection at Target, I drove an hour away to get all the pieces I could. I was practically mouth foaming while running through the store. The stuff was priced reasonable, plus the iconic Missoni pattern gets me every time.

I ended up leaving the store satisfied and high from my shopping fix. I bought a floppy hat (still never worn it), a makeup pouch (still never have used it), a big makeup travel case (nope, tags still on it and all), a baby blanket (the kid doesn't even know it exists), two pairs of socks (one worn once), and a skirt from the kid's section that fit me (I have a problem).

The only thing I've gotten use out of is a pair leggings and a kid's scarf and hat for Adrienne. But still. I needed that stuff. I don't need any of this new collection of designer things. Well, okay, except those slippers. Those things are whispering my name and fluttering their leopard print bedroom eyes at me. ::swoon::

Get your designer fix at any Target store or by going HERE to see the full collection!


  1. hahaha!! I love your comments under each products. Very funny, but agreeable! I mean, Jason Wu.. yeah, like you said, since when did he make Christmas ornaments? LOL I thought $5 for 4 ball ornaments was expensive, this is just... too much. I would pull my hair off if I see my 2yr old break this thing by accident!

    The Ayumi Aspect


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