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Mud Pie Winner and THANKS!

I think Sally Fields said it best when she exclaimed, "You like me!!" Cause I want to jump from the roof tops while shouting THANK YOU so loud and obnoxious like. Because, yea. We won. WE WON.

When Mud Pie asked me to enter their first ever blogger holiday challenge about a month ago, I was all like, um? me? Well, I didn't really ask any questions. I just pretended to act real cool and said, pshhhh, yea I'll enter your contest and crush the competition. Okay, I really didn't say that either.

You know that saying, "Good things happen to those who hustle"?  You don't? Well it's a quote from some person who knows a thing or two. I don't know who that some person is. But. Still. It's the truth. Whatever you want, whatever in the whole wide world you want, you can achieve it.

I know winning a contest isn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. But, it just goes to show you, if you work at something hard enough, and can muster all the positive thinking you can, you will accomplish your task. Always. Maybe not in the exact time frame you'd like, but eventually. Dream big my lovely readers. Never give up. Think positively. And hustle.

A big thanks again, to all my family and frands for constantly spreading the word and getting people to vote for my beautiful child. She will always be a winner in my book, regardless. But, it's still cool to have bragging rights.

And now, on to the winner of my own little contest.

Congrats Kim G.!! You won the I Love Santa play set from Mud Pie! I will be contacting you later in the day! I just want to thank Mud Pie for choosing my blog for their first ever holiday challenge. It was an honor. This brand makes the best baby and toddler clothes, plus beautiful gifts anyone would love to receive. And a big thank you, again, to every one of you wonderful people who voted.

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1 comment:

  1. Yay! Congrats!! I love winning contests! Admittedly, I haven't won anything in quite some time, but I do remember the feeling of winning being something I enjoyed :)


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