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Enjoy Every Crumb

A few days ago Adrienne and I made Christmas cookies together. We made the dough, waited while it hardened in the fridge, rolled it out, cut it with our cookie cutters, baked them, and then decorated the delicious smelling treats with her daddy. I try not to take precious moments like these for granted. But sometimes I do. 

Like when Adrienne dumped a mound of sprinkles on her plate while we were "panking" the cookies, or when I looked at the icing drizzled floor. Each time I bit my tongue, reminding myself she will only be two for one more week. Just one. more. week. 


Time goes by so fast. And you never know what this beautifully scary world we live in has to offer. So, hug your babies, hold them so very tight, and remember to always soak each second in. 

Yesterday was one of those eye openers that I'll always remember. One that is making me loose more and more faith in this so called humanity. We live in a world that has more bullying, violence, and killing than love and compassion. And that is so very effed up. 

Stop all this hate. 

Sending all the positive vibes I can muster to everyone in Newtown, Connecticut, and around the world, who have lost people they love.


  1. I always always loved making those cookies with my mom, what a beautiful tradition to have! I am such a control freak and I constantly have to remind myself to let the little things go, because ten years from now I'm going to be missing all these things that make her a baby!


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