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"This is the place where I document all the haps and mishaps of our crazy life as a family of four BIG personalities. My hope is that one day my children will sit down and read my blog cover to cover, and get to see their parents, and themselves in a new light. Or at the very least... that they won't hate me for logging every embarrassing thing that they have ever done."


"Welcome to Blissfully Noted! The best shop for sweet party Decor! You'll find everything you need for your next event."

Make sure you click on all the wonderful sponsors on the right side of my blog. I only add the greatest shops, blogs, and other tidbits to that column. I love what these people provide, so help me help them by checking out what they have to offer. I wouldn't be here without my sponsors supporting me. Okay, I probably would. BUT. Still. Money helps make this ish easier. 

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