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Christmas with Family

Here are a few of the quadrillion photos from the past holiday. Christmas day we traveled to William's grandmother's house to meet up with his parents and siblings. We enjoyed presents, yummy foods, and, of course, dominoes. Hey oh.

Adrienne's Triple Tree Christmas outfit c/o Mud Pie. Her new leg warmers and mini scarf c/o Head Candy


  1. Hi! I am new to your blog! I love finding small fashion blogs who are mommies! Come check out mine sometime. I am running a giveaway right now for a kids shirt. {www.revolutions46.com}

    By the way great pictures!
    Hope to see you around!

    1. Thanks for finding me! And for also giving me the heads up on your giveaway! I just entered!

      I hope you become a repeat visitor! I love new frands.

  2. It's not hard to tell who was the center of attention! Haha. That piano picture is GREAT. Are those William's siblings? They look so much like him!!!

    1. My child demands attention. Haha. And yes. That was about half of his bros and sistahs. They have strong genes in that fam, let me tell you.


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