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DIY Valentine Letter Holder

So, I've been seeing Pottery Barn Kid's letter holders all over the internet since last Valentine's. I've also been trying to convince myself a twenty dollar felt envelope is totally worth it. Like, I need that thing. Just like I need Pottery Barn's Emma dishware set in white. You know, just in case anyone wants to donate. But, I couldn't justify spending that much on a felt envelope. Sorry Pottery Barn. I still adore your things.

I did convince myself that I could make the same thing for three dollars. Hey-oh. And it's homemade. Even better. Here are the deets so you can whip one up for your kid. My tutorial isn't the best. So bare with me.

DIY Valentine Letter Holder
|| supplies ||
1 piece of Red Felt (I got a second piece for trim that I didn't end up using)
3 pieces of White Felt
2 White Embroidery Thread
2 Red Embroidery Thread
Hot Glue Gun

- Take one of the pieces of white felt and trace the outline of a dinner plate around the top. Cut out (see pic below). That makes it easier for little hands to reach in and grab their Valentine's. Take that same piece of felt and make red seams going up from the outside corners to the middle. You basically need to make it look like an envelope.

- Take another piece of white felt and cut out 2 triangles. You should be able to get exactly two triangles from that one piece of felt.

- Put the two triangles together and sew seams down two of the sides. Leave the top part open for now.

- Cut out two matching hearts from the red felt. Sew them together with the white thread. I cut out red trim that I was going to use it around the envelope, but you could see the red through the white. It just didn't look up to par. So I trashed that idea. It would have looked better if the envelope was red and the trim was white.  The more you know...

- Now, basically take the last white piece of felt and place it under the top part with the already sewed seams. Sew those two pieces together around the edges, without sewing the top.

- Take the triangle piece and sew that to the top of the envelope. Then hot glue the heart to the triangle flap. I sewed ribbons on the the back of the envelope so I could hang it on the back of Adrienne's seat at the dinner table. Easy. Peasy. Done. Deazy. I don't even know what I just typed.

Instead of using this cute envelope only on Valentine's day, we have been putting homemade love notes in it each night. Adrienne gets so excited to look in her envelope every morning. I mean, check out that adorable note left by her daddy. That little sun wearing sunnies just won over the whole internet. What. an. artist.

Post scrip- If you were drinking while reading this, go back and take a sip each time you read the word "envelope." Cheers.

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  1. Hey, it's the 'love' month already. your letter holder is cute. <3

    1. Thank you! It was really easy to make! And makes me happy each time I pass by it!!

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