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An Owl Baby Shower

I, and two of my other frands, hosted a baby shower a few months ago. Okay, who am I kidding? I'm behind on so many things. The party was more like five months ago. Don't judge. 

Whenever I plan parties, I end up being a stressed out loon by the time they're over. I need to start enjoying myself and learn that perfection isn't real. Take the photos for instance. While I was snapping pictures at the shower, I didn't even notice there was a huge smudge on my camera lens. Nor did I notice not a thing was in focus during the opening of presents. ::sad trombone:: No perfection here.

Anyneedingphotographylessonsasap, here are some of the photos of the baby shower. The mother to be looked lovely and enjoyed herself. That's all that really mattered. 

Enough obligatory food shots. Here are a few photos of actual people. Like how cute is the grandmother-to-be holding up string during one of the games?

Baby shower invites c/o Little Mavens. You can read my post about them HERE.

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  1. Omg, seriously, give me that bread bowl with that dip RIGHT NOW!

    What a great shower. :)

    1. Thank you! We stressed our selves out. I could never be a party planner on the reg!

  2. Ahh, too cuteeee...my friend is so into the owl trend. Why do I love giraffes for my daughter's room? Makes no sense and I can never find anything half as adorable as they're doing those owls now!!

    1. I love all the owl baby clothes and decor! Giraffes are cute, too! I never got into the themed room decor when Adrienne was a baby. Well, I guess pink is a theme. I sure went over board with that.


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