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Owl Baby Shower Invites

I have a few more weeks of planning before I'll be hosting a baby shower for one of my good frands. I've never hosted a shower before, so I'm super nervous. I want everything to be perfect. Like, Pinterest worthy guys. 

The very talented Kelly Lauren Designs provided me with the wonderful baby shower cards for the party. They are beautifully handmade. Kelly was also a dream to work with. The original card was brown and pink, seen here. I decided to go all pink, cause that color is where it's at, and she was such a doll in changing the hues. I wish this was my baby shower. I'm nibbling on a small peanut butter and jealousy sammie. ::side eye::

Wish me luck with all the rest of the planning and hecticness (not a word, but I made it one) of preparing this shindig. Oh, and also- how about my site being down all afternoon today thanks to GoDaddy being hacked? I'm torn between being p o'ed and simply amazed.

Pink and white baby shower invites c/o Kelly Lauren Designs. Be sure to check out all of her other amazing invites!

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