Football Cake For The Win

Since it's football season, I thought I should share the cake I made for our Super Bowl party this past February. I used my Pampered Chef 2 qt Batter Bowl to make the cake. You can also find batter bowls at Target or Walmart. I'm just a Pampered Chef fiend. You could also use this same recipe to make an Easter Egg cake. I've also seen Barbie Doll, pumpkin, teapot, and baseball cakes made out of the batter bowls. Let's get our creativity on!

Football Cake
|| need: ||
Chocolate Cake Mix 
Chocolate Frosting (get two to be on the safe side)
White Frosting

- Follow directions on the box of the cake mix. Mix the batter up and pour into an oiled and floured batter bowl.

- Place the batter bowl in the oven and bake at 350 degrees for about 35 mins. Start checking on it. This one took close to an hour. Another one a made took around 45 mins. When it's done, flip the batter bowl over onto a cooling rack to get the cake out. It should be standing on it's widest end. Let cool completely.

- When it's cooled, slice the cake vertically. Take each half and lay them cut side down on a platter. Slice the widest ends (where the cake is puffed up) so that the two halves fit together. Use the puffed up parts of the cake to form the football ends of the cake (see pictures).

- Start frosting the cake with chocolate frosting. Then add the white frosting to make the laces. Done. Add green food coloring to coconut would make awesome grass for the bed of the cake. I wasn't that fancy. Maybe next go 'round!

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  1. Thanks for this idea! I'm a Pampered Chef consultant and was trying to figure out how to make a football cake in my batter bowl for my son's b-day this weekend and came across your post. So helpful! Thank you! Betsy D.


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