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Well today has turned to ish. Yesterday was terrible, too. Adrienne came down with a high fever and a bad cough last night. Both of us practically stayed up all night with her coughing. It was very sad times. We have a doctor's appointment at one today. Wish us luck. I had planned another awesome giveaway, but it will have to wait until Monday. Meh

On top of my child being super duper sick, I have my frand's baby shower on Saturday that I'm hosting. There are so many things that need to be done today and tomorrow. And even Saturday morning. And on top of all this, I feel like I'm coming down with this croup, too. Maybe it's from my lack of night night time. Who knows. But I do know, having a sick child thrown into the mix of life isn't fun.

Since I haven't given you guys anything to read except a bunch of Debbie Downin' (and no fun pictures in this post either), please accept this recipe as a consolation prize. Your mouth parts will be winning. **Yes, I've posted this recipe before. But, even winners can't be choosers.

Yummy Beignets 
|| ingredients ||
Roll of biscuits
Powdered Sugar

- Heat a skillet of oil over med-high heat. Separate the can of biscuits, 

- Fry each dough ball in oil til golden brown and take out.

- Dust with powdered sugar on top. Easy. Peasy.

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