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Sponsor Me and a Winner

Hey you! Would you like to advertise on my growing blog?


There is plenty of prime real estate on here. So, if you think your blog, store, website, or whateves, would be a great fit for my readers, let me know!

Let's talk business.

High Roller: 200x250 is $25 per month BOOKED UNTIL MID DECEMBER 2o12
- Just for the big spender - want to be on the very top of the list? That will cost you a pretty penny at $25. This includes the best ad spot and a solo blog post introduction.

Large: 200x250 is $20 per month
- Includes prime ad space and solo blog post introduction

Medium: 200x150 is $15 per month
- Includes a group introduction with other small and medium sponsors.

Small: 200x100 is $10 per month
- Includes a group introduction with other small and medium sponsors.

Ad Spaces

But wait, there are package deals. Yowza. If you buy a three month package with the small, medium, or large ads, you get the fourth month for the free! These package deals can only be used once per sponsor. They don't work with the "High Roller" ad space. ::sigh::

Giveaways and Reviews

I am always down to do these. When I do a giveaway, I request a sample sent to me so I can take my own pictures. Another sample is needed for the actual giveaway. I will review the product, with my own pictures, and then promote that giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin', Instagram, etc. .

Same goes for reviews. The product needs to be sent to me, then I take my own pics, write a blog review, and promote on all the social media platforms. I will be brutally honest in the reviews and I don't just review anything. If I don't think your product is right for my blog, my readers, or me, I'll have to turn you down. Ever so gently, though.


Phew. Glad that awkward city of grown-up business talk is over. If I didn't explain this well enough, or if you have any rando questions, feel free to send me an email- jade@coffeeandcashmere.com. And all this infomation always resides under the CONTACT tab. Oh yea. The above prices are subject to change.

And for what you guys have been waiting for.. the giveaway winner!! One winner was pick via Rafflecopter.

Congrats Leigh C.! You won a chevron bracelet cuff and owl necklace from Dazzle Me Trendy. I will be contacting you later on in the day! Thanks to everyone who participated. And another big thanks to Dazzle Me Trendy for teaming up with Coffee and Cashmere for this great giveaway!

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