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Nesting Dolls and Attention Spans

You want to know what my child said to me last week? "Mommy, get a job," with straight conviction. Ermuhgawd. So yeah, we are alreads at the teenage stage somehow. She is almost three and almost driving a car.

And let me also point out that my child's attention span is nonexistent. I mean really. She watches Blues Clues for three minutes then wants to watch Yo Gabba Gabba. She wants to paint, then after I get all the supplies out she decides coloring is more her jam. We go play outside, and she wants to come back in. Okay. Scratch that one. That never happens.

Yesterday we went to play My Little Ponies. As I start brushing one of the ponies with the pink sparkly hair, daydreaming about how I wished my hair had glitter strands in it, cause I mean, why not? she pulls up a chair for Bitty Baby and  tells  demanded me to fix Bitty Baby some cheese. How does one even fix cheese? I tell her, "Why don't you fix Bitty some cheese. Mommies are supposed to take care of their babies." She looked up at me with her ocean colored eyes that were ever so slightly narrowed. "I no wanna be her Mommy anymores, alwight?" TOLD. Poor Bitty. I ended up feeding her an empty milk bottle and a "cookie" that was actually a felt hamburger pattie.

Kids, man. They are some kind of serious. A few weeks ago, we received an amazing dress from Callahan Rags. It's sheer handmade goodness. The fabric of the dress has tiny Russian nesting dolls. One can never go wrong with nesting dolls. Never. We don't have many red outfits for Adrienne, but this sister can wear some red. I could be slightly biased. I don't know.

Getting my child to model anything at the moment is a task in itself. I tried and didn't really conquer. This is what I got:

Nesting doll dress c/o Callahan Rags. Baby leg warmers from Target. Similar, HERE. Red shoes from Sun-San.

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