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Hello 2013. Welcome to My World.

This past month has been cray. From my child's birthday, to her party, to her coming down with the stomach virus the night before her party, to basically calling off her party, to Christmas, to family coming to stay and us driving to family, to more family coming over new year's, to I'M DONZO. I think I blogged in between, but I could be wrong.

Anyhaveyouseenmymarbles, I'm doing a two-part post recapping the past year. It's super cool that I have this time capsule of a blog to look back on. I have so many memories and feelings typed on here. It's ridic. So, before I forget about where I've been and what I've experienced in 2012, I'll revisit some of my favorite posts and photos.

Here are the first six months. Enjoy.

I started last year off with talking about the invites I made for my child's second birthday. Time consuming was an understatement. I put together a collection of ballet things and talked about some stuffs you may or may not know about me. I made yummy pink brownies, homemade mac and cheese, and fork cutting tender pork chops. I also showcased my mother in law's Etsy store in this post. But my favorite post from January 2012 would have to be this one about my child and her pappy. ::swoon::

shimmer powered my nails, did this questionnaire, and took photos of the art on the walls in our home. Chicken & ham rolls upschicken & spinach roll upstuna patties, and Oreo balls were made. The latest obsessions were peplums and anything mint colored. I also shared what's in my bag. One never knows the contents. Not even me. I did a weekend wrap up with some of my favorite photos ever, another weekend wrap up with some delicious eats, and a weekend wrap up that was super outdoorsy. We had Valentine's day, and I talked about potty training, which we conquered.

We jumped head first into March with this post about the newest family member and my lasagna recipe. I also cooked a hot dog casserole, baked s'mores cookies, and did some serious crock-potting with Hawaiian chicken and white chicken chili. This post contained Easter trees and new traditions. A weekly wrap up dealing with food, a gorgeous child, and Judge Judy flipping the bird was also included. No. Seriously. Another one contained saying goodbye and playing in mud. I talked about parties and balloons here. I was needing some major retail therapy, so I made a collection of spring shoes and leopard print fashions. They were both to die for. I complained about the art of pinning, needed these Zara baby clothes, and relived my Myspace days. If you want to have a good tear fest, read this post about my mom. Tissues are needed. But my favorite post of March 2012 would have to be this one. Storm chasers never looked so lovely.

I complained about my birthday and bragged about my first interview this month. This post included our first kiddie pool and the last time my child fell asleep in my arms. ::sad face:: I shared my collection of lace fashions, my child's second Easter, and our springtime decs. I talked about my love of 2pac and made brown sugar scrub here. Those two naturally go together, right? Go here to read about my version of the 90's. I received these gems of cookies. I made birds nests, pimento and cheese sammies, sparkly friendship bracelets, and a dank tamale pie. We played Candy Land, did some Home Depot shopping, drew in the dirt, and wrapped up the Easter holidays here. Good times.

Homemade frapps started out the month of May. I paid homage to Adam Yauch and Levon Helm here and Maurice Sendak over here. Those were three influential souls we lost too early. This collection of powder pinks had me blushing. I reviewed an iPhone lifesaver and had a few weekly wraps up. One dealt with swimming, cupcakes, and cuteness. Another weekly wrap up was all about going to Grandmama's. And the last one was about our yearly arts and crafts festival. I made some chicken quesadillas, french dip, and mouth watering fried green tomatoes. We also had an awesome memorial day. But my favorite post from May 2012 would have to the one where I talked about my funny kiddo.

We rode into June on trikes. Wearing tutu's. Because, for obvious reasons. I shared photos of my pottery owl, my DIY lollypop cupcake, a makeup lifesaver, Louis Vuitton art, and my collection of red, whites, and blues. I talked about kid parties here and a baby onesie that is blue on one side and pink on the other. Genius. My three favorite posts from June 2012 would have to be our trip to the library, the trip to the carnival, and my post about puppies. All three are good reads.

Phew. What a recap that was. Go HERE for the rest of the months of 2012.

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