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Weekly Wrap Up

Easy like Sunday morning. 

First time playing a board game. Nothing's better than the old school version of Candy Land.

Huge beetle trucking along outside. Feeling very "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids."

It's been sunny out all week. We soaked that ish up. Popsicle smile? Seriously? Stole. the. show.

Margaritas in red solo cups. Lovette.

My little fashion queen picks out her clothes. She wanted to wear this one size too small romper. I stuffed her into it, she grabbed her bow and mickey mouse sunnies, and we rolled out.

My nails and this polish are madly in love. Revlon nail polish #250 Flirt.

We always do a lot of coloring, drawing, and painting. This kiddo and I are arteests. Be on the look out for our masterpieces in galleries soon. Or, at least on the fridge...


  1. I remember Candyland as a kid! It was my absolute favorite game. So glad that kids can enjoy it today. Oh, and I love the pink nail polish!!! Very Spring!

    1. I know. I used to want to be Princess Lolly of the Lolly Pop Woods. Die hard Candy Lander right here. Thank you for the sweet comment!! Hope you have a wonderful week and come back to see me!!

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