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Lucky Rabbit Cookies

After I came home from dealing with an extremely crowded grocery store, I found these amazingly beautiful cookies at my door, c/o Sullivan Bakehouse. I immediately opened the bow-wrapped box. Little bunny rabbit sugar cookies peeked out from the tissue. The smell was ridiculously pungent. Like they had shipped the whole bakery. I would have been perfectly fine if they did. I'd have an endless supply. These cookies were decadent, and melted in my mouthparts. They were quickly devoured, my tummy was oh so happy, and that's the end of my story.

Sullivan Bakehouse has many other treats to choose from. Like these adorbs little peanut guys. 


  1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful blog feature!! I feel so honored to be gracing your posts. I am also very glad that you enjoyed your treats. Many blessings and Happy Easter!

    1. The cookies were beyond delicious. Thank you for being such an awesome frand! Hope your Easter was gorgeous!


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