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Weekly Wrap Up

This past week has dragged by. We didn't do much, besides play a crapton outside. Red squiggly alert under crapton. Get with the times spell check. Romper from Target, last year. I stuffed Adrienne in it.

Retail therapy, that is. Spring peplum jacket from Anthropologie

New Revlon nail polish #250 Flirt. Haven't had a chance to do my nails. But, this lavender (photo turned the stuff a pink) will be donned on my fingers when I do.

The guys over at Re-Play made these kid plates and bowls from old milk jugs. They are a super tough plastic and come in cool, retro colors. They give me flashbacks to the old lunch trays in elementary. Oh, to be a kid in the lunch line again. Such simpler days.

 We took Baby (and mini baby) on a stroll. It has been so nice this past month. In the 7o's the entire time. I guess I need to prepare myself for the hot summer. Why not go out with a scorcher? It is 2o12. Faded Glory shirt and Carter's shoes.

My newest craft sesh consisted of leather, crystal chains, and awesomeness. Deets on these little bracelet gems coming very soon.

It's kiddie pool season. In full force. The initial shock of the cold water goes away pretty fast when you're a wild two year old. Strawberry swimsuit is from Old Navy.

Saturday night we ate with some friends. My little fashion queen had played in the pool all day, then stayed up late. By the time we got home she said, "Hold chew mommy," which doesn't happen frequently anymore. She has always been an independent child. And her independence is getting more prominent. So, when I hear those sweet words, I treasure the moment. She fell fast asleep in my arms, swaddled in a blanket, sawing logs. Straight beauty.


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