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Weekly Wrap Up

This week consisted of coffee and nature. Like this three legged, one footed lizard. How is this guy still kicking around? From what I hear, they can grow their appendages back. Creeps.

We went on very few outings. Tunic and pants from Target. Shoes are Sun San. Here is my attempt at textures. So, well, there's that.

Last night the kids played in the dirt. Like any normal children would do. Except (or is it accept? I before e except after c? Or is it accept after c? Who knows. I can barely keep up with this language of ours. It's quite the chore), my child decided she needed to draw in the dirt. The only way you can do that comfortably is to lay (lie?) down in the stuffs.

This week has been a bore. Next week: lots of stuff to talk about. My birthday. My presents. My cake. My birthday, etc. I will also have a few craft and recipe posts. Plus, lots of photos. Ba da ba ba ba, I’m lovin’ it!


  1. Except is correct. Think of it functioning almost the same as "but" and that will help you remember. And I think you want "lie," although I'm less sure about that. I think you lay objects down, and people lie down. Or something to that effect (not affect).

    Meanwhile, these pictures are KILLING ME.

    1. Haha. I was kidding about the grammar part. But I totes couldn't remember the lie/lay down part. You are right. People lie, objects lay. I knew that.


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