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Wild & Crazy Kids

I remember the 90's like it was yesterday. They were the years I played with Gak, listened to No Doubt on my Discman, watched Space Jam, wore Birkenstocks and Doc Martens, and shopped at J. Crew and Abercrombie like my life depended on it. And it probably did. Ya know, the cool factor was important. Duh.

I hearted my Trapper Keepers, wore WWJD bracelets on the reg, was freaked out by a Furby, and Bill was sneaking around with a bedazzled beret Monica. I looked forward to SNICK (Ren & Stimpy, All That, Are You Afraid of The Dark?), genius, and got an American Girl Kirsten doll from Santa. Pogs? I dabbled in it. 

I learned some terrific stuff from Bill Nye the Science guy, wanted to marry any member of Hanson, okay just really Taylor, learned the O.J. Simpson trial owned America's face, still have my massive collection of beanie babies, sported overalls, and did some chatting in AOL with dial-up. Yikes. Would I have covered Roseanne at the Lunch Box? Probably.

Chokers were in, perms were out, my first pair of platforms were ordered from Delia's, I got Now, That's What I Call Music! (volume I), Salute Your Shorts was the bomb, and my Tamagotchi pet never lived. If this was Pop Up Video, there'd be a bubble with the word "Phew". My 90's in a nutshell. 

As I was browsing around Forever21's website, I saw that all the 9o's grunge garb is back in style. I don't know if I can rock the whole long in back, short in front dress just yet. 

                             Polka Dot High-Low Dress                                      Jimi Hendrix Tank

                               Floral Babydoll Dress                                          Lace Trapeze Top

                              Leopard Sweetheart Top                                   Two Pocket Plaid Shirt

  Floral Tee                                                        Denim Jacket


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