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Baby Easter

Happy Easter you wonderful people. Here are some photos of my child last year at the same time. What a beautiful baby. Where in the world has this past year gone? I know I'm gonna be like this every time another holiday goes by, asking that same question. I mean, next thing I'll know, she'll be 14 (sans the whole bunny and basket thing) and wanting Birkenstocks instead. Everyone has them and not the ones from Walmart. Mother. Eww. And probably her own Nokia phone with a green snap on cover. And maybe even some power beads. Just because. 

Oh. Wait. See how fast time flies? Guess those fads are over. But, she will be demanding something. She is practically driving. Okay. She drives her scooter. But still. These years need to slow the fudge down.

Full disclosure: I still rock some power beads.

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