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Weekly Wrap Up

This past week has been a huge pain in my bottom area. We had the yearly inspection of our apartment, which entailed painting, hanging a chandelier, cleaning closets, scraping who knows what out of the stove, and more. 

On top of all that cleaning, I must have stirred up loads of dirt and dust that made me and the kiddo sick. We both gots the crud. I was so sick on my birthday that I didn't even want to look at a cake. Now, that's bad. Plus, the weather goes from 5o's one day to 8o's the next. Thanks Mother Nature. I can always count on you. 

Today, we were going to grill out and have our peeps over. Yea. Doesn't look like that's happening. It's cold and rainy. So, one night next week I'll have my birthday cook out. I'm always game for celebrating my day of birth for weeks. Why the flip not? 

Okay. So enough with my Negative Nancy moment. I'd rather sprinkle happiness and glitterdust onto the blogosphere instead of throw out my probs. Here are some of the things that happened this past week. I haven't even had the energy to upload more photos. I'm pitiful. And I also can't get my center button to work with some of these pictures. Get out of here Nancy!! Glitterdust, glitterdust, glitterdust. 

Adrienne eating a popsicle on one of the warmer days. Dress from Gap Kids.

Chicken and rice soup with crackers. Just what Doc. William ordered.

Even royalty can have melt-downs over scary panda bear sweaters. I happen to like them.
A little hole in the concrete.

Home Depot run with daddy. Ladybug outfit by Mudpie. Bitty Baby and Louie riding, too.

Choco chip cooks and strawb milk. Oh. Yes.

Nothing like waking up and grabbing a winter hat with Brobee by your side to start off the day.

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