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Is Easter Over Already?

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. To me, it officially marks the end of winter. I've never been a cold weather warrior. I mean, Christmas feels like the whole month is in preparation for Christmas Eve and day. Thanksgiving I eat way too much. Forth of July is too hot and dangerous. Fireworks and boating. Danger. Hello. Halloween has always been fun, but I have a feeling it's going to be work now with a child that needs to go trick-or-treating. 

Anydon'tskimponthecadburyeggs, I just love Easter. I enjoy all the pastel colors. The flowers are in bloom, spring is here, and the Bunny isn't near as scary as Old Saint Nick. Plus, dying Easter eggs gets me all nostalgic. I feel like I'm an eight year old kid just looking at the things. 

I've added a few Easter decorations around the house. My arsenal isn't as full as I would like. But, then again, I am still new in the "grown up" stage. Now, it's time for them to all come down. I'm alreads depressed.

We inherited this bunny from William's parents. It says, "Be fruitful and multiply" on the bottom of the apron. Considering William's parents have eleven kids, I was a tad bit scared that this rabbit may possess some sort of crazy fertility power. I took my chances, and she came home with us.

Paper mache bunnies for days.

Shabby chic wooden sign. Heart it.

Love how Mama Bunny is bigger than Daddy Bunny.

Adrienne's Easter tree for her room.

Love Martha Stewart Living.

How amazing are these Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers? Nabisco is so fashion forward.

Easter chick. Read my blog post about this guy here.

Found this little twig of a tree at the Dollar Store. They have the ornaments there, too! Super score.

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