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Chick On The Shelf

Since Easter is around the corner, I thought I should capitalize on all the Elf On The Shelf hoopla, and make a Chick On The Shelf tradition. I couldn't come up with a good word that rhymes with chick. This past Christmas, my child was obsessed with finding Peppermint, our elf, every morning when she woke up. I think about a million other kids awoke doing the same thing. That elf business was insane. But, I succumbed to it. If she started getting out of line, it was awesome to say, "Peppermint is watching you. He is going to tell Santa what happened today if you don't shape up." Genius. Worked every. single. time. 

Adrienne got this chick, that peeps when you sit the thing in your hand, last Easter. They have been around for years and years, because I know I had them in my baskets as a kid. As I started getting out the Easter decor, I came across this little guy and just knew he had to be put to work. 

So, basically the concept is the same. This Easter chick reports to the Ole Bunny each night if the child has been good or bad, while the kiddos sleep. He returns in the wee hours of the morning and flaps his little wings to a new hiding spot. I need to market this. Now. Book deal. Here I come.

Chick on the shelf

Easter chick on the shelf

I also got this sweet Easter tree with ornaments from the Dollar Tree. Yes. I know. An amazing two dollar find. I have a thing for Easter trees. This is the third one that will be displayed around the house. My little fashion queen had a blasty hanging the eggs and carrots on it.

Dollar Tree Easter tree

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