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Weekly Wrap Up

Monkey bread. I cheated and got the store bought. Wasn't as yummy as the homemade. It sufficed.

Heading out with Daddy to Home Depot. 

Baby Huggums goes wherever Adrienne goes. They make a pretty good team.

Orchids are in bloom. Such magnificent plants.

A wasp nest that we found outside. It was vacant. The housing market has slumped in the insect world, too.

First booboo of the year. Scooter mishap. Hasn't deterred my child from being fearless one bit.

Mississip mud brownies with a hint of strawberry. 

This was the first time she has gotten to play in a mud puddle. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed herself. Probably as much as I did scrubbing her down in the bathtub ::side eye::

We got to have a wonderful dinner with William's parents, grandmother, and siblings on Saturday night. We also had to say our goodbyes. His parents are moving to Atlanta, which is a pretty log trek away from us.  Such a bittersweet moment. Adrienne is so close to her Mimi and Pops. Not to mention all her aunts and uncles. After bawling our eyes out and giving hugs, I realized this is just a "see you later" type of deal. Plus, Atlanta has an American Girl doll store. Not to mention the Lenox Mall.. ::drools:: We will have to do some serious retail therapy when we go see the fam. Freals.

 Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work was amazing. I love that woman. Please adopt me. Right now. Netflix it.


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