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Winsome Words Wednesday

What a day this one was. After going to three stores with a two year old sans her nap, we get locked out of the house by that same two year old. We were getting groceries from the car, and she locks the dead bolt. Fun times. We finally got her to understand to turn the yellow thing. It's pretty laughable now. 

Parents of the year award goes to... USSS!! I knew 2o12 would be a special one. I would like to thank all the other parents that tried so hard and failed. I would like to thank my little fashion queen for always keeping us in check. As I brought her in from playing outside yesterday (cause it was getting dark, ya know?), she threw the biggest fit. I told William that she was being bad. He looks at her and asks, "What's wrong?" She says with the biggest pout ever, "Mama mean."

So, yea, keeping us in check like that. 
And, I would also like to thank myself. I wouldn't have gotten this award if not for being so totally awesome.

You like me. You really like me! 
-Marc Jacobs

-Alber Elbaz

-Diane von Furstenberg

-Jean Paul Gaultier

-Karl Lagerfeld

-Viktor & Rolf

-Alexander McQueen

-Valentino Garavani

-Yves Saint Laurent
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