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Weekly Wrap Up

Gosh. This week has flown by. Didn't I just do a weekend wrap up, like, yesterday? 

And boy do I love that look. 

We dressed up our cat Ellie in one of Adrienne's baby outfits. Ellie wasn't having it.

I totally caught Judge Judy doing this little gem. I had to do the double rewind and pause. Either she has no control over her finger moments or was so fed up with the ungrateful garbage disposal in front of her. The jury is still out, but I'll go with the latter.
Judge Judy flipping the bird

Something about a child and a mini ice cream cone just pulls at my heart strings. 

Blueberry strudel cake. Yumhola.

Aunt TayTay and Hil got Adrienne this adorable tutu bathing suit. I wanted her to try it on to see if it fit, but then she had to wear it the rest of the day. I don't blame her. I would if I could, too.

Ballet quote from coffee and cashmere

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