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Full of Joy

I haven't had my morning cup of joe. I feel like a zombie. So, we are gonna yawningly kick things off. There is a red squiggly line under yawningly. That is totes a word. And if not, Webster Dictionary is gonna owe me a big check for coming up with that one. Just saying.

Let's talk shoes. One of my favorite kid shoe lines is Joyfolie. In fact, I'm in lust with every shoe and wish they had my size. Jessica Haley is the brains behind this amazing eye candy. She started by selling a pair of shoes on Etsy that she handmade for her daughter. Now, she is on her way to being a shoe powerhouse. I guess that's how all great things start. A small thought that turns into a genius idea. One never knows what road they'll end up on.  Poetic, if you ask me. 

These shoes are amazingly unique. They have just the right amount of hipness, but still have a classic little girl vibe. Ugh. I want just about every pair for my little fashion queen. In every size. So she can wear them forever. And ever. The end.

Joyfolie Genevieve pink glitter kid shoes

Joyfolie Charlotte metallic cream open toe kid shoes

Joyfolie Maci brown leather boot with bow

Joyfolie Zoe fur boot

Joyfolie leopard rose kid mary janes

Joyfolie Luna silver t-strap kid shoes

All photos from Joyfolie.com


  1. Aggghhh omg. This makes me want to get pregnant just for the 50% chance of being able to put these shoes on my bebeh.

  2. I ADORE these shoes! They are so cute. I totally feel the same way: if they were in my size, I would have a pair too! Thanks for the great post!

    1. I do, too! I really want matching mommy and daughter pink sparkly t-strap shoes. Thank you for reading!!


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