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Easter Wrap Up

This holiday was a week long celebration over here. From dying eggs, to making treats, to having every blog post be related to anything Easter. I'm pretty much over it. On to muh birthday next week!

I can’t even begin to express how peeling 30+ eggs to devil filled me with such a zest for life. Jay slash kay. I hated it. I did find out that older eggs peel much easier. Don't ask me why.

Egg hunt.

Easter get together. Food for days.

Easter art sesh. I love these little keepsakes. They make me oh so happy. Just color me two years old.

The Easter Bunny came in full force. I was thisclose to taking the Cadbury Eggs for myself, but then I saw the little note on them. "Happy Easter Daddy, Love The Bunny." What the what? I totes didn't get any? It's okay, I'll shoot for next year.

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