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Candy and Hearts


Something about vintage greeting cards just appeals to me. Anyhoo, today was great. Our little fashion queen woke up to a little Valentine's happy. Some Little Mermaid jammies? Can't go wrong there. I found a Ty Valentine Bear at our Goodwill a bit ago. It brought back many memories of fighting off other fanatic collectors, while trying to get the latest and greatest beanie baby. I remember hearing that people lined up for days outside the store where they were dropping the Princess Diana Ty Bear. They had police officers guarding the door with tasers and mace in hand. Okay. Fine. I made that part up, but that's how I pictured things. People are cray cray.

Adrienne went to church with her grandparents on Sunday. In her little Sunday School class she made this adorbs stained glass tissue paper heart. And she colored on a heart the teacher drew. I just died from The Cuteness. It's a real ailment. I webMD'ed it. These are my first two things she "came home" with. You know. Stuff I didn't make her do because I wanted the memento. 

These are her two first Valentine's from her little kiddo friends! I know. I am a sap. I get it. She is just growing up so fast.

I mean, the last time I checked, she looked like this. Stop the growing kid. Freals. 

Happy Valentine's  Day  Night to my beautiful family and wonderful friends. 


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