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Learning Surcease Disorder

I made that up. I don't even know what it means. I do know that I'm taking the night off. I am too involved in trying to learn Corel Paintshop Pro X2. Can this thing be any harder to learn? I need to sign up for classes just to figure out how to use the crop tool for this ish. 

I'm not computer illiterate. I knows my stuffs. I've even had many a photo editing software in my day. But, I've yet to make the leap over to the big dogs. Til now.

I chose this over Photoshop. Paintshop even claimed it was more user friendly. Yea. O.Kay. I'm in a bad photo editing acid trip and can't figure out how to make anything work. Will it ever be over?! One may never know.

Art by Sergeant Keroro


  1. <3 lots of love


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